Bring Customers to Your Door with Andromo App Maker for Android

Small business owners can now create Android apps that drive customers right to their door, thanks to the interactive map feature found in Andromo App Maker for Android. This free web-based service helps entrepreneurs create Android apps without having to know how to program.

(Winnipeg, MB) January 30, 2012 – Businesses and entrepreneurs can now make Android apps that include interactive maps and navigation features using Andromo App Maker for Android. is a free web-based service for creating professional Android apps without programming. The service allows anyone to make an app and reach an audience of millions.

Until now, entrepreneurs wanting to create an app have come up against the barriers of expensive development fees or the need to learn how to program. Andromo addresses both issues. With over 700,000 Android devices being activated each day, having an app is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses wanting to stay competitive.

Andromo’s interactive map feature is ideal for companies looking to use apps for advertising and promotional purposes. For instance, a neighborhood coffee shop owner could mark the shop’s location on a map, and direct app users to their location from wherever they might be. Chain businesses, including retailers and restaurants, can also benefit since there is no limit to the number of addresses that can be plotted on the map.

Andromo users can add interactive maps to their apps by simply adding this feature from a list and then typing in their location’s full address. With a few mouse clicks, users can also personalize the appearance of their app and add other advanced features such as RSS feeds (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger etc), websites, photos and more. Andromo then generates a customized, professional Android app that can be shared with their customers.

“People love the high-quality app they’re able to make with Andromo,” says Andromo founder Colin Adams. “Quality is especially important to the small business owners who use our service. They don’t want a generic app that is just ‘okay’ and makes them look amateur. They want a slick app that represents exactly who they are and allows them to effectively communicate news to their customers.”

While still in beta release, 21,285 Andromo members have already started work on 18,638 Android apps. The free service is producing market-tested apps for businesses of all sizes – today.

To sign up to make Android apps for free, visit To keep updated on Andromo’s progress, follow @andromorocks on Twitter or join us on Facebook at

About Andromo App Maker for Android

Andromo is a trademark of Indigo Rose Software Corporation. Privately held, Indigo Rose Software has been creating award-winning software development tools since 1991. Our programming tools – AutoPlay Media Studio, Autorun MAX!, MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, and Visual Patch – have been used to deliver software to hundreds of millions of systems worldwide.

TECHnet Online Review of Andromo App Maker for Android

It’s been a big week for reviews here at Andromo. It’s nice to see the word starting to get out!

Check out the review of Andromo App Maker for Android by TECHnet Online here:

Here’s a little snippet that I rather enjoyed…

Your app, if it is the Free package, will contain ads. You can however, claim 50% of the Ad Revenue if you have a (Free) Admob account. This was one of the features that really puts it ahead of all of its competitors. With other online tools to make Android apps, the advert revenue will all go to the company. It is amazing that they will spilt the money 50/50 when even Amazon splits the money from its Kindle Blog service 30/70. If you have a Gold upgrade, you can either have all of the revenue, or you can remove ads altogether.

That is one of the cool things about Andromo for sure. Our goal is that tens of thousands of people make tens of thousands of apps. Sure it’s fun to just make Android apps, but it’s even better if you can make some money while you do it… That’s Andromo’s carrot.

Let us know if you run across any other reviews or writeups on Andromo!

Andromo Review at MoDaCo

A nice review of Andromo written by Mark Dearlove appeared in my Google Alert feed this morning.

Making Andromo easy to use has been our goal over the past year, so this part made me smile:

Mark Dearlove:
I was very surprised, and I think Paul was too, when I came back 5 minutes later with a fully functioning app called ‘MoDaCo feeds running on my HTC Desire’.

There were a couple other comments in the review that I found interesting. The first one was about the visual quality of the ads:

Mark Dearlove:
For the novice builder who just wants to play around the free version will suffice and the ads aren’t hugely intrusive although they are pretty low quality graphically as you will see from the screenshots.

I found that interesting because we normally don’t see the ads here.

The ads Andromo uses are provided by AdMob; to comply with AdMob’s terms of use, we programmed the apps to show placeholders on our own devices, so we don’t pad the impressions while we’re testing Andromo.

The real ads are sent directly to the app by AdMob in real time, and as far as I know we have no control over how they look…only where they show up.

The second comment I found interesting was about our legalese:

Mark Dearlove:
You also need to make sure you read the Terms and Conditions as there may be parts which you are not willing to agree to. My biggest issue with the terms is that you are only granted non-exclusive rights to the applications. This could mean that Andromo themselves would be able to sell your app. That’s not to say they will but only Andromo can say for sure.


I believe Mark was referring to this part of our Terms and Conditions:

12. License Grant For Content. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, you are granted non-exclusive rights to download and use the software applications generated by the Andromo service (“Content”) for purposes of personal or commercial use.

I asked Colin about this, and he said that clause relates to the Andromo source code:

Colin Adams:
Basically we own the ‘engine’ for the app (the underlying source code and processes), but the content you add to the app remains the property of the original copyright holder. When we build your app for you we grant you a license to distribute the app ‘engine’ – no royalties or fees or anything like that. However, we also grant the same sort of license to thousands of other people wanting to make apps with Andromo – hence the ‘non-exclusive’ clause. I’m not a lawyer, but that’s the spirit of it.

So, we can’t grant exclusive rights to the bits of Andromo source code inside your apps because that would prevent other people from using it. That restriction doesn’t apply to the content, though…the content’s all yours.

Nice to see a well-written review of Andromo on a Friday!

In an Internet version of mirrors facing mirrors, here’s a screenshot of Mark Dearlove’s app, which he made for his review, showing the link to his review in his RSS feed. (It also shows how the ads look on our devices here at Andromo.)

15000 Users and Growing

Yesterday Andromo passed the 15,000 confirmed user mark. It’s pretty exciting for us to watch these numbers grow, I’m a bit of a stats nerd (I know I know “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”) so I like to keep track of this sort of stuff. Since Andromo went live at the beginning of September, 2011 we’ve seen our confirmed user numbers double every month. That’s pretty cool.

Will it continue? We hope so.

A big thank you to all the users who helped make this possible from the developers here at Andromo.

The Audio Activity – A Quick History

When we create new activities for Andromo they often start one way and end up another. They generally change for two reasons:

  1. Feasibility – Something gets in our way and we cannot accomplish what we set out to do. This will often be a limitation in Android or the hardware, but it can also be other considerations like security or apk size.
  2. Usability – It just doesn’t feel right. We get the activity going, and while it’s a great idea on paper, when you get it on your phone something’s wrong.

Our more recent activity, the Audio activity, was no exception to this pattern. Here is a very early iteration of it from October 20th 2011:

Pre-Release Version of the Audio Activity

Here is the Audio activity that we ended up releasing on December 21, 2011:

Released version of the Audio Activity

As you can see in those two months the Audio activity changed a lot. We put a lot of time and effort into the improving the user interface and the user experience. This process involved a lot of meetings, experiments, and playing with other applications, before we signed off on the final design. There were, of course, intermediate interfaces that we played around with, but sadly I couldn’t find any screen shots of them.

In the original version of the Audio activity we put a lot of emphasis on the album artwork and description, but after playing with it for a while we decided that it took too much away from the most important part of the Audio activity: the audio tracks. The downside was the removal of the album description from the Audio activity, but we thought that some of our other activities (Custom Page, HTML Archive, etc) were actually better suited to the task.

The final design puts the audio tracks front and center and still allows you see the album artwork without robbing your of that precious screen real estate. It has also looks a lot cooler. In the end we simplified the user interface, and even though we removed some options (perhaps because we did) we ended up with a better solution. Now show me another app maker with an activity like this…

Arnie also likes the soundboard mode

Andromo v1.6.3 Released

Andromo version 1.6.3 has been released!

Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to play streaming audio files in quick succession.
  • Fixed an “Error accessing audio file” when the URL’s protocol text wasn’t lowercase.
  • Added support for RTSP protocol (insomuch as Android supports it).

Andromo App Maker for Android v1.6.3 is now live at

I Really like Google+ Hangouts


If you are not on Google+ yet, then you are missing out on a great features called hangouts. It’s a great way to do video chats with multiple people. They also have an “on air” option that lets you watch the video chat without participating. Very useful if you are in the office and cannot take the time to participate.

The best use of this feature for me so far have been the Android Developer Office Hour hangouts which have been a great way to interact with (and learn from) the people making Android, and other Android developers. They even post the hangouts on YouTube the next day so that you can watch the hangouts later if you missed them.

I’ve enjoyed these hangouts so much I’ve been thinking that if we could get enough interest I’d love to have an Andromo related hangout. If you are interested leave a comment on this post, or in our forums.

Follow Andromo on Google+

Andromo v1.6.2

Andromo version 1.6.2 has been released!

Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Made some changes to how cookies are handled in the Website activity.
  • Made a change that allows Andromo apps to show in the market on Google TV.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug where the Android Market app might not exist on the device.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug where an incorrect position in the RSS items list.
  • Made a minor change to how telephone numbers are handled in Website, HTML Archive and Info Page activities.
  • Added a refresh option to the Website, HTML Archive and Info Page activity.