Promote Your Band With Your Own Android App – No Coding Required

Having an app to promote your band is just as important as having a website. Andromo App Maker for Android introduces new audio features designed to help musicians promote themselves and their music to over 300 million Android users.

New Music Player Activity for Android Apps at

Create an App for Your Band - No Coding

Andromo App Maker for Android is pleased to introduce a new way for bands and musicians to create their own fully-customized Android app in minutes – for free. There’s no coding required, and everything is done online at, so there’s nothing to download or install. If you can point and click, you can create an Android app.

Having an Android app to promote your band is just as important as having a website. With over 300 million Android devices worldwide and 850,000 new devices activated each day, musicians can’t afford to ignore this huge potential for promoting their music and gaining new fans.

Apps are created and customized by picking and choosing ‘activities’ and dropping them into your app. Andromo’s new Audio Player activity allows musicians to share sample tracks or even full albums, with eye-catching artwork integrated right into the player. With support for all major audio formats, including MP3, MP4 and AAC, music tracks can either be embedded into the app or streamed live from a web server, providing you with significant flexibility in creating your app.

Other activities like RSS/News can be used to automatically update fans on concert dates, album releases, blog posts and other band news. Bands can also include their Twitter feed and Facebook page with mobile-friendly interfaces, and share photos and videos with the Flickr photo gallery and YouTube video activities.

“Since you don’t need to write code to use Andromo, anyone can make an Android app,” says Andromo president Colin Adams. “It’s a great opportunity for musicians to promote themselves. Getting your music into the Android Market puts you in front of hundreds of millions of people instantly. Apps are a real game-changer for the music industry.”

Android Apps created with Andromo can be given away as free promos to keep your current fans happy and hook new listeners. You can also choose to sell your app directly to fans through the Android Market.

To start making your own Android app, visit

About Andromo App Maker for Android

Andromo App Maker for Android Logo IconAndromo is a trademark of Indigo Rose Software Corporation. Privately held, Indigo Rose Software has been creating award-winning software development tools since 1991. Our tools like AutoPlay Media Studio, Autorun MAX!, MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, and Visual Patch have been used to deliver software to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Andromo App Maker for Android v1.7.0 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version 1.7.0 has been released!

Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • New ‘Facebook’ Activity. This new activity is perfect for anyone wanting to quickly embed a live, mobile-friendly version of their Facebook Page into their Android app. Just give us your Facebook page name and click build. It couldn’t be simpler to start connecting with all your Facebook fans through a custom Android app in just minutes.
  • New ‘Phone’ Activity. This activity makes it super easy to add a ‘Call Us’ feature to your Android app. Simply provide the phone number that you’d like to have dialed when the user taps the icon. They’ll be taken to their phone dialer with the number automatically filled in and ready to call (or add to their contact list etc.) It’s ideal for people making business apps – such as for restaurants, reservations, taxis, theatres, tickets, telephone ordering and more. This activity is being released as a ‘Gold-only’ feature.
  • New ‘Email’ Activity. This activity is another great way to help boost your business. It’s like the Phone activity, but for contacting you via email through your Android app. You can specify the email address, subject line and default body text. When your user taps the activity icon, it will open their email program and automatically pre-fill all the fields you provided. Then they can customize the email and click ‘send’. You’ll have a direct connection between you and your users! This activity is being released as a ‘Gold-only’ feature.
  • The Website activity now supports URL’s with apostrophe characters.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and general improvements…

Andromo App Maker for Android v1.7.0 is now live at

Andromo App Maker for Android Logo IconStart making Android apps online today – for free. There’s no coding required, so anyone can do it!

Free PlayBook Offer Updates

First off, we’ve had some reports of Andromo developers getting their apps denied entry into the BlackBerry AppWorld because of something like the following reason:

Please note that there’s should not be any Android mentioning on the Apps title, screenshot, icon, description and inside the apps itself, please remove the android words below your Android vendor logo “create android apps without programming”.

If this has happened to you, then you should re-build your Andromo app with the latest version of Andromo. After you re-build your app, you will have to repackage it and then resubmit it to BlackBerry’s AppWorld for approval. We have updated the default ad so that there is no mention of Android whatsoever. So if that was the only reason your app was denied it should now be approved.

Secondly, if your app has been approved but you have not yet received the email to submit your shipping address (I got mine on February 21st) then you will be pleased to Alec Saunders’ tweet from yesterday:

So there you have it, if you didn’t get the email yet, you should get it in the next couple of days.

Andromo App Maker for Android v1.6.6 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version 1.6.6 has been released!

Here is a list of changes in this version:

– Fixed a bug where web related activities would load the initial page when changing orientation instead of staying on the same page.

Andromo App Maker for Android v1.6.6 is now live at Start making Android apps today – for free!

Sneak Peek – Twitter Activity

A twitter search for Andromo

It’s Friday, there’s snow on the ground here in Winnipeg, I’m drinking coffee, and I’m working on a new activity for Andromo apps, the Twitter Activity. Actually I’ve been working on this activity for the last few weeks. It’s not quite done, but it’s getting there. Time for a sneak peek…

Get all the tweets from one user

We’ve seen a lot of people of people using the RSS/Atom Activity to show tweets, but we just weren’t happy with the results. It works, but it’s not flexible enough and it doesn’t looks as visually appealing as it could. So we decided to create a dedicated activity for it. Making a dedicated activity gives us the ability to tailor the look and feel of the activity and the way it handles the data. We don’t have to worry about the data coming from another source, we know where it’s coming from and we know what to do with it.

We’re looking at three main types of Twitter feeds:

  1. Tweets from a single user
  2. The tweets from a user’s list
  3. The tweets that match a search.

These three types of feeds, or timelines, let you display a lot of different Twitter data. The list option is very flexible and lets you group multiple users into one timeline. Very useful is you wanted to group your office or a team together.

It's got pull to refresh support

As with any sneak peek we are still working on this activity so what actually gets released may not look anything like these screenshots, but you can at least the gist of the activity.

No comment on when it will be release, but we’re working on it and as soon as it’s done you’ll get a chance to play with it. Now I really should get back to the code…this activity isn’t going to write itself.

Andromo Apps Begin to Appear in BlackBerry’s App World

We’re starting to see some Andromo apps appear in BlackBerry’s App World market. TabletApps Guitar Tunings app is now available. It is also available in the Android Market.

If you get your app into the BlackBerry Market let us know.

Edit: My European Football News app has landed in the BlackBerry AppWorld store. It looks like BlackBerry is starting to make it’s way through the submissions.

Entrepreneurs Make Android Apps for Profit With Andromo App Maker

Scrapbook MAX To Go Android App Dashboard

Make Money by Creating Android Apps - For Free - Using Andromo App Maker

Over 700,000 Android devices are activated every day creating a massive audience for Android apps. 28,391+ entrepreneurs have signed up to make money with apps using Andromo, an online service for creating apps with no coding knowledge required.

(WINNIPEG, MB) – Now anyone can make an Android app and start earning money with Andromo App Maker for Android. Andromo is a free web service for creating pro-quality Android apps without coding. Without the high cost of hiring a consultant or learning how to program themselves, entrepreneurs can design their own original apps in minutes.

While still in its beta launch, 25,548 Android apps have been sparked at Users are making e-books, how-to videos, ‘fan news’, self-help apps and more and selling them in the Android Market. With hundreds of thousands of app installs already, this translates into cash for their creators.

Android app developers can use Andromo to make money in two different ways, through advertising or sales revenues. The free service allows users to link to their AdMob account and earn ad revenue from their apps. Alternatively, developers can remove the ads from their apps for the introductory price of $99 and earn money from app sales.

“You used to have to either be a programmer or hire a consultant to make an app, which obviously stopped a lot of people before they started,” says Andromo founder Colin Adams. “Basically, we’ve taken away those obstacles and let everyone get in on the Android app gold rush.”

With Andromo, users design their apps choosing from a list of popular features including RSS feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, etc), Flickr photo galleries, interactive maps, websites, YouTube videos, HTML 5/Javascript pages, music players, soundboards and more. Because it takes only a few mouse clicks to design and build a fully-functioning app, entrepreneurs can make one app or hundreds with equal ease.

To sign up to make Android apps for free, visit To keep updated on Andromo’s progress, follow @andromorocks on Twitter or join us on Facebook at

Andromo App Maker for Android Text Logo

About Andromo App Maker for Android

Andromo App Maker for Android Logo IconAndromo is a trademark of Indigo Rose Software Corporation. Privately held, Indigo Rose Software has been creating award-winning software development tools since 1991. Our programming tools – AutoPlay Media Studio, Autorun MAX!, MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, and Visual Patch – have been used to deliver software to hundreds of millions of systems worldwide.


Andromo Interview

Just a quick note, two days ago I was interviewed about Andromo by the nice people over at BreakDrink for their Campus Tech podcast.

You can read this blog post about it: CTCX #57: Getting Connected in Higher Ed, Part II and listen to it in iTunes here or one of these other methods.

So if you are interested in putting a voice to the blog posts and code go ahead and give it a listen, I come in on the podcast about half way through around the thirty minute mark.

BlackBerry PlayBook Offer Expires in Two Days

Just a quick post reminding everyone that BlackBerry’s free PlayBook offer expires in two days, on February 13. If you don’t have an Android App yet you can create one for free on and submit it to BlackBerry’s App World to get in on the offer.

More details can be found on the BlackBerry development blog and the Android area of the BlackBerry developer website.

So spend some time this weekend creating and Android app and you might just get a free PlayBook.

Andromo Apps on the BlackBerry Playbook

The above screenshot is from my Andromo made App European Football News running on the Blackberry PlayBook Simulator.

I have submitted the app to the BlackBerry App World (Blackberry’s version of the Android Market) and I am just waiting for the app to be reviewed and then accepted. Why did I repackage my Andromo Android app for the Blackberry PlayBook?

  1. They are giving away free BlackBerry PlayBooks to anyone who adds their app the the BlackBerry App World before February 13th.
  2. I didn’t have to do anything to my app. I just used the online BlackBerry Android Repackaging tools.
  3. It gets my app onto another platform, and hopefully attracts new users.
  4. Did I mention the free PlayBook offer?

If you are interested in getting a free tablet I would repackage your Andromo app and then submit it to BlackBerry today! Colin has an excellent post (Make an Android App – Get a Free BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet?) full of links and information on how to get started on this. Mohamed Mansour, from RIM, also has a post on Google+ that contains some good information on the subject.

Best of luck.