Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.7 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version v4.0.7 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Updated the Samsung Apps SDK support to fix a problem people were having uploading their apps into the new Samsung Galaxy Apps store.
  • Increased the maximum size for “background images” to 2560×2560 to allow for full sized images on all Android devices.
  • Fixed a memory issue that could cause problems with background images for the Dashboard, Photo Gallery, Audio Player, Podcast, and Shoudcast Radio activities.
  • Fixed a problem where PNG files were not working within the Photo Gallery.
  • Updated Andromo’s back-end server to a shiny new 64-bit build.
  • Updated the way Andromo links to items in the new Samsung Galaxy Apps store when “Samsung Apps” is the target.
  • Updated the Amazon Mobile Ads SDK to version 5.4.46.
  • Updated the Android Platform-tools to version 20 and the Android SDK Build-tools to version 19.1

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.7 is now live at

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.6 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version v4.0.6 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Added “Samsung Apps” to the list of app stores that can be targeted. Like the Google Play and Amazon Appstore targets share links and Google Play links will be converted into Samsung Apps store links: “samsungapps://ProductDetail/com.andromo.your.package”. Note: The Samsung Apps store only allows deep linking using package names, the “Showing all of your Apps” and “Using a General Search Query” Google Play Activity options are not supported when targeting Samsung apps.
  • Increased the maximum size for images to 2048 x 2048 and 5MB in the Photo Gallery Activity, and for background images on the Dashboard, Audio Activity, Podcast Activity, and Shoutcast Radio Activity.
  • Added translations for the “See All” text in the share button’s dropdown.
  • Added the Samsung SDK library “sdk-v1.0.0.jar” to Andromo apps based on the Samsung Apps Policy changes.
  • Updated the AdMob SDK to version 4.4.52-000
  • Updated the Millennial Media SDK to version 5.2.0

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.6 is now live at

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.5 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version v4.0.5 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Fixed an error in 4.0.4 (released 1.5 hours ago) where AdMob banner ids were not being expanded properly. If you built your app using 4.0.4 and use AdMob banners please build again using 4.0.5. The version of your app can be found on the About dialog.

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.5 is now live at

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.4 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version v4.0.4 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Localized all of the built-in text within Andromo apps (More Info). The built-in text has been translated into the following 23 languages:
    1. Arabic
    2. Chinese (Simplified)
    3. Chinese (Traditional)
    4. Dutch (Netherlands)
    5. English
    6. French
    7. German
    8. Hebrew
    9. Hindi
    10. Indonesian
    11. Italian
    12. Japanese
    13. Korean
    14. Norwegian
    15. Polish
    16. Portuguese (Brazil)
    17. Portuguese (Portugal)
    18. Russian
    19. Spanish (Latin America)
    20. Spanish (Spain)
    21. Swedish
    22. Thai
    23. Turkish
    24. Vietnamese.
  • Updated the Amazon Ads SDK to version 5.3.22
  • Added support for Amazon Interstitial ads.
  • Fixed the YouTube “Playlist ID” and “Username” validation to allow strings with hyphens and underscores.

  • Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.4 is now live at

    Week in Review – 2014/05/25

    A look back on the week in Andromo, Android, Mobile, and stuff…


    Google’s Self Driving Car is Awesome

    Seriously, I’m not a car guy but I think this is amazingly awesome. I love the way the vehicle looks and I can’t wait till these (or other) self driving cars are on the market. Read more about it on Google’s New Self-Driving Car Ditches the Steering Wheel

    Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 Edition

    There is some great stuff in this and if you are interested in technology, where it is and where it’s going, you should checkout Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends slideshow for 2014:

    Props to Lorne for finding this year’s edition and sending it to me.

    Apple Buys Beats

    For $2.6 billion in cash and $400 million in stock Apple acquired Beats Audio this week. It will be interesting to see what Apple does with Beats and to learn (hopefully) exactly why Beats was acquired.

    Balmer Buy Clippers

    For slightly less money ($2 billion) Steve Balmer is buying the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team. Good for him, I think all retired billionaires should buy a sports team (and give to charity).

    See you next week!

    Week in Review – 2014/05/18

    A look back on the week in Andromo, Android, Mobile, and stuff…


    Andromo Developer Hangout #003

    This Thursday we had our third Andromo developer hangout. This time we kept the length to under an hour so it won’t take all day to watch. We are planning on having another hangout again in the future but perhaps with a different format, maybe a developer interview, maybe an app review or maybe more of a webinar format where we show you how to accomplish certain tasks using Andromo. If you have any thoughts leave a comment.

    When you are done commenting sit back and watch this week’s hangout:

    Microsoft Released the Surface Pro 3

    On Wednesday Microsoft unveiled the third generation in its “Surface Pro” line. I think that Surface Pro 3 is a pretty terrible name, but I’m sure that someone at Microsoft gets paid a lot more than I get paid, to come up with these names:

    The Surface Pro 3 looks like a great device and all the reviews tend to applaud the hardware, but I just can’t see this being anything more than a niche device. Time will tell I guess.

    29 Degrees and feeling fine!

    Today was a beautiful sunny day in Winnipeg and we finally hit summer temperatures. It made it as high as 29C (84F) and it was a great day to wear shorts in the office.


    Have a great weekend!

    Week in Review – 2014/05/11

    A look back on the week in Andromo, Android, Mobile, and stuff…


    Twitter Giveaway Goes Bust

    The past week out twitter giveaway ended without the required 300 retweets. It’s too bad; we really wanted to see this be a success, oh well next time! If you have another idea for a contest we could run let us know.

    Abbey Road Crossing Cam

    I stumbled across this today and I think it’s pretty great, the Abbey Road Studios Crossing Cam. Yes that’s right a live web cam pointed at the photo used as the cover of the iconic Beatles Album: Abbey Road was taken.

    What is so great about the camera is that every five minutes or so you will see someone, or a group of people, pause in the middle of the street in an attempt to recreate the photo. Fun stuff to watch.

    Six Essential Tips for App Developers

    Colin posted a nice AdMob infographic earlier today (Six Essential Tips for App Developers) that is worth checking out, especially if you monetize your apps with AdMob (and you do).

    Andromo Developer Hangout Next Week!

    Don’t forget about the hangout next week: Andromo Developer Hangout #003 If you can’t go remember to ask a question in advance on the Moderator Page.

    AnDev On Air: Android App Monetization and SEO

    AnDevCon is hosting a public hangout today that I think a lot of Andromo developers would be interested in:

    Interested in learning about app monetization and SEO? Then join us for AnDevCon’s second AnDevOn Air Hangout “Android App Monetization and SEO” tomorrow at 2:00 pm ET! We’ll be talking to several experts about tips, tricks and best practices for making your app stand out, and, above all, how to make it money. 

    The public hangout starts at 2:00pm EST and you can watch it below if you want or at the Google+ event page: Android App Monetization and SEO

    Andromo Twitter Giveaway Closed

    Our twitter giveaway closed at 12:00 noon today and sadly we did not get the required number of retweets in order to give away a professional subscription. We ended up with 43 retweets, a far cry from the 300 that we wanted, but we still managed to reach out a few people and received some positive feedback in the process, so I wouldn’t call this a failure.

    I would like to personally thank everyone who took the time to enter in our contest and who tried to help spread the word.

    While it didn’t work out this time I’m hopeful that we will try something like this in the future.

    Till next time…