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A lot of people were asking about the timing of the second Andromo Developer hangout and what 11:00am – 12:00 Noon in Winnipeg (Central Daylight Time, GMT – 5:00) is in their time zone.

To help avoid further confusion I wanted to post this handy widget from that should show you what the time of the hangout will be in your local time zone.

Now that you know when hangout will be go and let us know that you will attend, and if you can’t attend be sure to ask a question ahead of time and we’ll try to answer it.

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Andromo Developer Hangout #002 Coming Soon!


Come one come all to the second Andromo Developer Hangout: Andromo Developer Hangout #002

We (the Andromo team) are here to answer any questions about Andromo, Android Development, App Promotion, or any other questions that you might have. Is there a feature you want to see added to Andromo? A problem that you’re having with your apps? Whatever the question is we’ll try to answer it live on the air.

The hangout is scheduled for Thursday May 1st, at 11:00AM CDT. Which is: 6:00:00 PM CEST, 8:00:00 PM MSK, 9:00:00 AM PDT, 12:00:00 Noon EDT, 9:30:00 PM IST, 2:00:00 AMEST, 1:00:00 PM BRT, 1:00:00 AM JST. If Google+ doesn’t already convert it for you you can use this handy timezone converter.

If you can come let us know. If you have a question that you know you want answered take a moment and ask it in the Google Moderator Series here: Andromo Developer Hangout #002 or from the Q&A link on the hangout page.

Even if you don’t have a question to ask, maybe take a second to visit the moderator page and vote for a question that you like.

Leave your comments and thoughts below!

Google Play Policy Update

Google_Play_Store_96I know it’s Friday night but after I saw my email and a post from Phandroid on twitter and I thought I should make a quick post on the blog so that all Andromo developers know about the Google Play™ Developer Program Policy Update

The email that I got and that you should have received says the following:

Hello Google Play Developer,

We are constantly striving to make Google Play a great community for developers and consumers. This requires us to update our policies in accordance with current practices as the ecosystem evolves. This email is to notify you that we’ve made some changes to our policies which are highlighted below.

  1. We’ve updated our content policies to further clarify our stance on sexually explicit material and provide a better experience for our users, including minors
  2. We’re introducing the App Promotion policy, which provides guidance on what app promotion tactics are disallowed when promoting your app on Play
  3. We’ve introduced a provision that requires you to clearly disclose when an advertised feature in your app’s description requires in-app payment
  4. We’ve clarified the System Interference policy to prohibit any browser modifications on behalf of third-parties or advertisements
  5. We’ve re-emphasized in the Ads Policy that all advertising behavior must be properly attributed to, or clearly presented in context with the app it came along with
  6. We’ve also updated the Spyware section of our Policy Guidelines Help Site to address surveillance or tracking apps. Please take a look at the Google Play Developer Program Policy to see all the changes and make sure your app complies with our updated policies.

Any new apps or app updates published after this notification will be immediately subject to the latest version of the Program Policy. If you find any existing apps in your catalog that don’t comply, we ask you to un-publish the app, or fix and republish the app within 15 calendar days of receiving this email. After this period, existing apps discovered to be in violation may be subject to warning or removal from Google Play.

Google Play Team

It is important to pay attention to the changes as well as the paragraph at the bottom (emphasis mine):

Any new apps or app updates published after this notification will be immediately subject to the latest version of the Program Policy. If you find any existing apps in your catalog that don’t comply, we ask you to unpublish the app, or fix and republish the app within 15 calendar days of receiving this email. After this period, existing apps discovered to be in violation may be subject to warning or removal from Google Play.

So if any of those items are of a concern to you it’s time to update your apps. Be sure to read the full policy document for all of the changes.

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

New Andromo Developers Community

Just a quick post to introduce you to our new Andromo Developers community on Google+

This is a place where Andromo developers can get together, share photos/videos and promote their apps. It’s not meant to supercede the forums, instead it’s meant to be another resource for Andromo developers.

There is also a Review my app section of the community that I encourage you to add your app to. We are planning to run a weekly or monthly “Andromo App Review” where we (the Andromo development team) would review an app (or multiple apps) going over what we like about the app and any areas where the app could improve.

The app review would most likely end up as a YouTube video which might result in a bump in downloads for whichever app or apps are chosen for review.

If you are interested in submitting your app for review please share a link to your app in the Review my app section of our Google+ community.

Don’t forget to “plus one” any apps that look good!

I Really like Google+ Hangouts


If you are not on Google+ yet, then you are missing out on a great features called hangouts. It’s a great way to do video chats with multiple people. They also have an “on air” option that lets you watch the video chat without participating. Very useful if you are in the office and cannot take the time to participate.

The best use of this feature for me so far have been the Android Developer Office Hour hangouts which have been a great way to interact with (and learn from) the people making Android, and other Android developers. They even post the hangouts on YouTube the next day so that you can watch the hangouts later if you missed them.

I’ve enjoyed these hangouts so much I’ve been thinking that if we could get enough interest I’d love to have an Andromo related hangout. If you are interested leave a comment on this post, or in our forums.

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Andromo Hits 4K and gets a Map Activity

We’ve been hard at work on Andromo over the last while fixing bugs and adding new features, so you’ve probably noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet…But that doesn’t mean that Andromo has been quiet, in fact we’ve passed the four thousand user mark and just yesterday we released Andromo version 1.3.0.

The new version of Andromo includes a brand new Map Activity. You can learn more about the Map activity by reading the Map Activity knowledge base article. The Map activity allows you, the developer, to plot multiple locations with titles and descriptions, and allows your users to interact with the map within your app in order to get directions or leave the application and use Google Maps Navigation to navigate to a location, using the phone as a GPS device.

The map is a great activity for store, restaurant, conference, and many other types of Android Apps. It allows you to show the location of your brick and mortar outlets, the hotel where your conference is, or a satellite view of your golf course. If it’s got a location somewhere in the world, you can show it.

Now let’s see some screen shots of the Map activity in action:

Andromo Map Activity

Indigo Rose on the Map

Andromo Map Activity

Google Headquarters

Andromo Map Activity

It would be a long drive

This isn’t the last activity that you’ll see being added to Andromo, we’ve got a few more activities in the works that will hopefully see the light of day in the next few weeks. We want to broaden the scope of what Andromo can do for you and your users. Keep an eye on the Andromo website or this blog for more updates.

Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility?

Wow, just got into the office this morning and I was looking at google+ and I saw this: Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility linked to by Reto Meier.

Now maybe I’ve had my head in the code for too long but I for one did not see this coming. The post by Larry Page seems (as far as I can tell) to cite strengthening Google’s patent portfolio as one of the reasons for this purchase. But I wonder what this means for Android? Less fragmentation? More devices that always get updates to latest version of Android? More Android tablets? Either way it should be interesting.

There is some more information on the Google Investor Relations site and even a live webcast of a conference.