SimpleDateFormat can be slow


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    1. Thanks Intrigued, I know you’ve done some Android programming so I’m sure you’ve run across issues like this getting in the way of a smooth app. Sometimes Android can be a tricky beast to time.

      I’m glad that you found your way to the new site.

  1. From the java docs the locale parameter controls the following:

    locale – the locale whose date format symbols should be used

    Which means that the user will get the dates displayed in a way that corresponds to their locale. As far as locale’s changing, I believe that is something that the user can change manually.

    If the user changes the locale it doesn’t effect the apps in any way, the dates are simply displayed in a manner that is correct for that locale. It really seems to be a much better solution, it was really slow before we made the switch.

    Aren’t you on vacation?

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