Andromo Apps Begin to Appear in BlackBerry’s App World


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  1. My App “Desi Videos Tab2Tab” is also approved and is available in Black Berry App world. I am still waiting on the email to ask my address to mail my playbook. Thank you Mark.

  2. My app was just approved after being denied for failure to select the right OS version on the release. I ran into some problems and had to create a new release rather than edit the current release as BB’s instructions had mentioned. It’s been 2 days and I haven’t received my email requesting my shipping information, but I assume it’s on the way.

    My app is called, created for the website it displays daily deals on outdoor products.

  3. Hello, Mark. I have a question about when you have to make the release to be approved by BlackBerry.

    Did you put anything in the confirmation of Digital Rights tab? when you were making your release.

    I left mine blank when I submitted my release.

    Also, my app has some youtube videos, RSS feeds, and the new facebook activity.I submitted my first release on the 16 without the RSS feed and facebook activity, and my second one on the 25th with those activities.

    Would I need to put anything in the Digital Rights tab or area so my chances of getting a playbook do not get limited. Please reply ASAP.

    1. Hi Gary,

      To be honest I’m not 100% sure. The people you should ask are over at RIM, or their support forums, as they would know the ins and the outs of the submission process. For my app I believe that I left it blank but it’s been a while so I cannot recall 100%.

      If you got your app in (not approved) before the cut-off (which you did) then I wouldn’t worry about it. If they deny your app, you have as many chances as you need to get it approved and you still qualify for the PlayBook upon approval. So if there is a problem they will let you know.


  4. Hello:

    I submitted my andromo app but it was denied. Here is the problem they want me to fix:

    Please fix the following issue and resubmit your application as a new release:

    – Please note that there’s should not be any Android mentioning on the Apps title, screenshot, icon, description and inside the apps itself, please remove the android words below your Android vendor logo “create android apps without programing.

    Are people that are getting their apps approved using the free version of andromo? Is there a way to temporarily remove this so I can submit it again. Thanks! Andromo is so easy to use.


    1. Hi Drew,

      We’ve fixed that in the latest version of Andromo. You will have to re-build your project on, repackage it for the PlayBook, and then resubmit it. Once you do that your app should be accepted.

      1. Mark:

        Thanks for the quick response! Can’t wait to get that free playbook thanks to you all at andromo. Without your service, I wouldn’t been able to qualify for this offer and develop apps. Will keep you posted when my app is approved.


        1. Not a problem. Your comment also got me to write a short blog post so that anyone else that has this problem would know what to do.

          Be sure to let us know when your app gets approved.

          1. Nice, I’m glad your app made it in there. It seems they are going through all of the apps and that the Andromo ones are making it.

  5. Hi

    I’ve had my app approved “NUFC Central” and a day later had another email congratulating me that my app qualifys for a playbook. All I had to do was fill in a short form linked from the email with the delivery address and it will be dispatched in 72 hours 😀

    1. Nice, I got that email myself yesterday. Filled out the form and now I’m waiting for my PlayBook as well.

      I wonder how many of the “PlayBook” apps will be Andromo made?

      1. Quite a few i would have thought considering how easy this site is to use for creating apps (excellent work by the way Andromo team) and how easy it is to port your app to the Blackberry app world, I know I will be submitting a few more.

        1. I hope so, I think it’s a pretty cool bonus for Andromo users to get a free PlayBook, plus it opens up another entire market for our users. I’m pretty excited to see what will happen in the future.

          1. Mark, I have a question about when you submitted your app to the BlackBerry App World through the vendor portal.

            Did you write anything in the Confirmation of Digital Rights when you made your release version?

            I left it blank. Will this limit my chances of getting the playbook

            Please reply ASAP.

    1. Very cool. Did you get an email from RIM asking for your address or anything like that? They’ve only told me that the app has been approved and nothing more.

      1. Yes the email took a couple of days to arrive though, got my App approved Feb 16 and the address email showed up Feb 18. Was worried they might not send it to New Zealand but no problems there.

  6. Hi Mark,

    Congratulations on getting your app approved! Hopefully, a Playbook is now on its way to you! I am currently waiting for my “Sheffield News Centre” app (made using Andromo) to go through the approval process.

    Anyway, I have downloaded your “European Football News” app and it looks great. I have also left a review (with what I think is a nice idea for a feature to add in a future version).

    1. Thanks, I hope your app makes it through. Since others are being approved as long as it was built with the latest version I don’t see any reason that it won’t be.

      I can’t see your comment yet in the Android Market, but I’ll wait a day as that stuff is sometimes slow to update.

        1. Oh I see, my mistake. I can see your comment there. Once we release the twitter activity I’ll look into adding some, thanks for the suggestion. How did it run on your BlackBerry device? And what device was it? I’ve only tested on the PlayBook simulator so I’m interested in finding out how well it works. Might be good for news for Andromo developers.

          1. It runs very well on my 64GB Playbook.

            One interesting thing I noticed is that if I go to an activity such as “Daily Mail”, when I tap on the activity name that is shown to the right of the home icon, I see a drop down list of activities. Also, at the bottom left corner of the screen, a back arrow icon is shown that when tapped takes the user to the previous screen.

            When I tested my app on the simulator, I don’t believe I saw the same behaviour that your app is exhibiting on an actual Playbook. I am wondering why…

          2. @Siamak – Well the activity drop down is normal behaviour for Andromo, so any app should made with more than one activity should have that. The black arrow is the way that RIM compensates for the lack of a physical back button that all Android devices currently have. So for repackaged Android Apps RIM inserted the software back button.

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