Want more downloads? Build a better looking App.

Android Andromo App Maker

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    1. That’s a good idea. Lots of content available for you to use. It’s generally not a good idea to the default icons. They will work, but your app will end up looking like everyone else’s and they won’t necessarily match your theme.

  1. Andromo os the veey nice and use full for me now thanks, and also This is really nice post i like it , also useful information in it thank u for sharing keep going on it

  2. If you need further inspiration for icons, check out Open Icon Library – http://openiconlibrary.sourceforge.net/ – with over 10,000 public domain and open source icons to choose from. Some of the licenses are very permissive (meaning you don’t have to open source your own work to use them). I’m using them for several of my activity icons in the dashboard.

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